Just Sold

Just Sold


  • Bel Air 26
  • Beverly Hills 663
  • Brentwood 10
  • Culver City 162
  • Mar Vista 5
  • Pacific Palisades 250
  • Playa Vista 73
  • Playa del Rey 93
  • Santa Monica 585
  • Venice 291
  • West Hollywood 374
  • West Los Angeles 9
  • Westchester 30
  • Westwood - Century City 9



There are some things that everybody knows about Beverly Hills: celebrities occupy the houses, the shopping is second to none, and the houses are out of this world. Prices on Beverly Hills homes are not based on the home alone. Location, neighbors, proximity to places of import, as well as schools and parks are all factors that go into placing a value on a home. Beverly Hills excels in every area imaginable. The amazing view of the valley mixed with living next to your favorite actor are just the icing on the cake of owning a masterfully built home. Understanding the process of pricing houses makes you realize that the Beverly Hills housing market is worth the investment.